Café Très - is a restaurant located in Montreux, Switzerland. It offers high quality food and wine in a very Swiss mood. Restaurant’s name was created by Grafprom studio. Adverb Très (very) acts as a core to which epithets such as Très Frais (very fresh) can be added.Café Très visual identity emphasizes cuisine and service of the restaurant in a light and unconstrained way. The system is based on laconic typographic logo set in Helvetica and number of iconic signs. Main figure is double accented lowercase e, obtained its accents from Café Très letters, which later evolved in fork and glass icons. Fork stands for gourmet kitchen and glass for fine wine selection provided by Café Très. Marten and Hoopoe became characters of the restaurant’s identity. Their true love story enrich and enliven visual language of Café Très.